The Naughty Vine

The Naughty Vine, LLC
a regional wine, cheese, & chocolate boutique

purveyor of northeast regional products stay local, buy local, enjoy local Cheers!

Robert G. Woods
(603) 306-4255

The Moody Building
18 Opera House Square
Claremont, NH 03743


The Naughty Vine was created for your indulgence. Specializing in wines from the Northeast Region only, we combine all of the pleasures of wine with the goodness of local handcrafted artisanry together under one roof. Find decadent compliments such as cheese and chocolate; unique gifts for special occasions; and a variety of wine accessories to suite every palate. Conveniently located in the Upper Valley at the crossroads between NH & VT.
Wine is romantic, mysterious, and seductive. Even the process of making wine is as mystical as the elixir itself. And grapevines are wild unruly things, growing all over land, including places they’re not supposed to traditionally. But not only do they grow; they thrive in micro climates throughout the northeast. Here in this region, extremes of climate and soil (terroir) synthesize to enhance grape flavor, producing wines so delicious, they’re positively naughty!

 We invite you to come, explore, taste and

ignite your passion for Northeast Regional Wines!